Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Voices from the Field featured on KPLU


"They hope to dignify the farm work by putting it in a scientific context, and to recast nature as more than just a livelihood, but also as a classroom where children are invited to dig a little deeper."

For more photos and text from this feature by Gabriel Spitzer at KPLU, please visit: http://www.kplu.org/post/migrant-students-learn-science-farm-fields-and-classroom 

Voices from the Field featured in the Seattle Times

Voices from the Field featured in the Seattle Times

Our students and the IslandWood staff were excited to have a photographer from the Seattle Times on-campus to document our week of Voices from the Field. Our program was featured on the front page of the Local section on June 21, 2012. If you missed it--don't worry! There is a slideshow of fabulous pictures from the week featured on the Seattle Times website.

"Beker Delgadillo learns about the water, its flow and ravines at IslandWood on Bainbridge Island." See this photo and many more here: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/photogalleries/localnews2018495790/1.html

Monday, June 25, 2012

Exploring the intertidal zone

The tides were exceptionally low in the middle of the day during this program and it granted our students an opportunity to explore and identify fascinating organisms present in the intertidal zone.


Students watched a European garden slug eating a dead mole.

Students watch owlette fly to its parents

Here's a short video clip of what students experienced during the owl telemetry lesson with our resident scientist Stan Rullman.

Tuesday and Wednesday postcards

Dear members of Teams Marsh, Pond, and Wave. We hope you have a chance to read this blog while you're at home or school. Throughout the week, we'll keep posting more pictures and postcards you recorded while you were at IslandWood.

Teams Rain and Bog, stayed tuned for your audio postcards and letters to yourself!

IslandWood misses you!

Postcards from Team Marsh:

Postcards from Team Pond

Postcards from Team Wave

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wind in the Trees and more

Yesterday, Team Wind focused on forests. They studied the trees as well a few of the animals that call the forest their home.

Wind worked with Stan, our resident scientist, to get some experience with dendrochronology (the science of understanding the history of a place, such as climate and fire history, by comparing the growth rings in trees). In the above photo they are shown taking a core sample of a tree.

Later that day they dissected an owl pellet in our lab classroom to determine what owls eat and tried to reconstruct a skeleton using the tiny bones they found inside.

Team Wind is shown here transplanting some squash and tomato starts into bigger containers with more room to grow. When the weather is a bit warmer, and the plants stronger, they'll be moved into the garden beds.

Later this day, they will continue to study soil and compost by looking at the food chain that exists within soil under a microscope and "dissecting" soil to determine each ingredient that makes up this amazing stuff.