Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wind in the Trees and more

Yesterday, Team Wind focused on forests. They studied the trees as well a few of the animals that call the forest their home.

Wind worked with Stan, our resident scientist, to get some experience with dendrochronology (the science of understanding the history of a place, such as climate and fire history, by comparing the growth rings in trees). In the above photo they are shown taking a core sample of a tree.

Later that day they dissected an owl pellet in our lab classroom to determine what owls eat and tried to reconstruct a skeleton using the tiny bones they found inside.

Team Wind is shown here transplanting some squash and tomato starts into bigger containers with more room to grow. When the weather is a bit warmer, and the plants stronger, they'll be moved into the garden beds.

Later this day, they will continue to study soil and compost by looking at the food chain that exists within soil under a microscope and "dissecting" soil to determine each ingredient that makes up this amazing stuff.

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